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Gems from North West China 
Call No: Reserve HAS 1:1 
George Hunter Apostle of Turkestan 
Year: 1948 
Call No: Reserve CAB 8:1 
Get a grip on mission: the challenge of a changing world 
Year: 2006 
Call No: Candidate MI GOL 1:1 
Glimpses of Chinese culture: a brief account of Chinese history and culture from the perspective of a Chinese scholar 
Year: 2006 
Call No: Candidate CH WAN 1:1 
Global Chinese Ministries April 1998 to Nov 1999 
Year: 1999 
Series: Global Chinese Minstries 
Call No: Reserve NEWS  
Global missiology for the 21st century 
Year: 2001 
Call No: Candidate MI TAY 1:1 
Global Mission*: Reflections and Case Studies in Local Theology for the Whole Church (Globalization of Mission) 
Year: 2011 
ISBN: 0878085327 
ISBN 13: 9780878085323 
Call No: Candidate MI DOW 3:1 
Global nomad’s guide to university transition 
Year: 2010 
Call No: Candidate FM QUI 1:1 
Glory In Mongolia 
Edition: 1 
Year: 2012 
ISBN: 0878083685 
ISBN 13: 9780878083688 
Call No: General NEA LEA 1:1 
Glory to God - OMF Australia 1890-1990 
Year: 1990 
Call No: Reserve OMF 3:1