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Nine Parts of Desire: the hidden world of Islamic women 
Year: 1995 
Call No: Candidate WV BRO 1:1 
Not so secret: being contemporary agents for mission 
Year: 2012 
Call No: Candidate EV ORR 1:1 
New Paths in Muslim Evangelism: evangelical approaches to contextualization 
Year: 1980 
Call No: Candidate WV PAR 1:1 
Nothing to envy: Real lives in North Korea 
Year: 2010 
Call No: Candidate KR DEM 1:1 
Not forgotten: the true story of my imprisonment in North Korea 
Year: 2016 
Call No: Candidate KR BAE 1:1 
Not Less Than Everything 
Year: 2004 
ISBN: 1854246135 
ISBN 13: 9781854246134 
Call No: General BI GRI 1:1 
Not Quite Home: A Journey in Mission 
Year: 2016 
Call No: General BI JOH 1:1 
No Moss -- A Mission Journey Around the Globe 
Year: 2012 
ISBN: 981430588X 
ISBN 13: 9789814305884 
Call No: General BI HUN 1:1 
Nests Above the Abyss (Isobel Kuhn) 
Year: 1947 
Call No: General BI KUH 4:1 
Nine Blessings for Thailand 
Year: 2009 
ISBN: 0853631565 
ISBN 13: 9780853631569 
Call No: General PR OMF 21:1