New Arrivals

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Departure - Re-Entry Poems by Daphne Roberts 
Call No: MC ROB 1:1 
Growing for Gold 
Year: 2001 
ISBN: 957876912 
Series: Personal Development Program 
Call No: SG DOW 9:1 
Serving As Senders: How to Care for Your Missionaries While They Are Preparing to Go, While They Are on the Field, When They Return Home 
Year: 1991 
ISBN: 1880185008 
ISBN 13: 9781880185001 
Call No: Candidate PD PIR 1:2 
Overcoming the World Missions Crisis: Thinking Strategically to Reach the World 
Year: 2001 
ISBN: 0825434661 
ISBN 13: 9780825434662 
Call No: Candidate MI PEN 1:1 
Why Business Matters to God: (And What Still Needs to Be Fixed) 
Year: 2010 
ISBN: 0830838880 
ISBN 13: 9780830838882 
Call No: Candidate BM DUZ 1:1 
Mission is not an optional extra : mobilising the body of Christ into mission 
Year: 2011 
ISBN: 0473183765 
ISBN 13: 9780473183769 
Call No: Candidate PD HAR 1:1 
Single mission: thriving as a single Christian in cross-cultural ministry 
Edition: 1st Ed. 
Year: 2020 
ISBN: 0989244032 
ISBN 13: 9780989244039 
Call No: Candidate MC HAW 1:1 
Expectations And Burnout*: Women Surviving the Great Commission 
Year: 2010 
ISBN: 0878085238 
ISBN 13: 9780878085231 
Call No: Candidate WM EEN 1:1 
Becoming global: integrating global mission and your local church - a practical approach 
Year: 2011 
Call No: Candidate PD DIP 1:1 
Salvation to the Ends of the Earth: A Biblical Theology of Mission (New Studies in Biblical Theology No. 11) 
Year: 2001 
ISBN: 0830826114 
ISBN 13: 9780830826117 
Call No: Candidate MI KOS 1:1