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Japanese society 
Year: 1973 
Call No: Candidate JP NAK 1:1 
Leading missions: an Asian perspective 
Year: 2014 
Call No: Candidate MI NGA 1:1 
Liberating Gospel In China: the Christian faith among China's minority peoples 
Year: 1995 
Call No: Candidate CH COV 1:1 
Live life on purpose: God's purpose, your life, one journey 
Year: 2014 
Call No: Candidate PM HIC 1:1 
Malay of South East Asia: a 30 day prayer guide 
Year: 2005 
Call No: General PR SOU 1:1 
Marriage customs among China‚Äôs ethnic minority groups 
Year: 2006 
Call No: Candidate CH JIA 1:1 
Preparing to serve: training for cross cultural mission  
Year: 2012 
Call No: Candidate CU HAR 1:1 
Scaling the wall: overcoming obstacles to missions involvement 
Year: 2003 
Call No: Candidate PM HIC 2:1 
Tentmakers speak: practical advice from over 400 missionary tentmakers 
Year: 1989 
Call No: Candidate BM HAM 1:1 
Too valuable to lose: Exploring the causes and cures of missionary attrition  
Year: 2013 
Call No: Candidate MC TAY 1:1