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Paddy Field Hospital 
Year: 1961 
Call No: Reserve MAD 2:1 
Paradigms in conflict: 10 key questions in Christian missions today 
Year: 2005 
Call No: Candidate MI HES 1:1 
Parents of Missionaries: how to thrive and stay connected when your children and grandchildren serve cross culturally 
Year: 2008 
Call No: Candidate MC SAV 1:1 
Parents of Missionaries: How to Thrive and Stay Connected When Your Children and Grandchildren Serve Cross-Culturally 
Year: 2008 
ISBN: 193406839X 
ISBN 13: 9781934068397 
Call No: General MC SAV 1:1 
Pastor Hsi (One of China's Scholars) 
Year: 1931 
Call No: Reserve TAY 9:1 
Pastor Hsi: A Struggle for Chinese Christianity (History Maker) 
Year: 2005 
ISBN: 1857921593 
ISBN 13: 9781857921595 
Call No: General BI TAY 2:1 
Path of a Peacemaker: your biblical guide to healthy relationships, conflict resolution and a life of peace 
Year: 2019 
ISBN: 0801094291 
ISBN 13: 9780801094293 
Call No: General SG NOB 1:1 
Path to Enlightenment or Dead End? Understanding Buddhism 
Year: 2003 
Call No: General WV WIL 1:1 
Pearl's Secret 
Year: 1920 
Call No: Reserve TAY 8:1 
People Disrupted: Doing Mission Responsibly Among Refugees And Migrants 
Year: 2018 
Call No: Candidate DI KIM 1:1