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I think God wants me to be a missionary: issues to deal with before you say goodbye 
Year: 2005 
Call No: Candidate PM PIR 1:1 
Internationals Who Live Among Us: Doing World Missions at Home 
Year: 2013 
ISBN: 1880185083 
ISBN 13: 9781880185087 
Call No: General EV PIR 1:1 
Prepare For Battle! Basic Training in Spiritual Warfare 
Edition: No Additional Listings Printed 
Year: 1999 
ISBN: 1880185067 
ISBN 13: 9781880185063 
Call No: General PR PIR 1:1 
Re-entry Team: caring for your returning missionaries 
Year: 2000 
Call No: Candidate PD PIR 3:1 
Serving As Senders - Today 
Edition: Anniversary, Expanded, Revised 
Year: 2012 
ISBN: 1880185245 
ISBN 13: 9781880185247 
Call No: General MC PIR 2:1 
Serving as senders today: how to care for your missionaries as they prepare to go, are on the field and return home (20th anniversary edition – revised and expanded) 
Year: 1991 
Call No: Candidate PD PIR 4:1 
The Reentry Team: Caring for Your Returning Missionaries 
Edition: Likely 1st Edition 
Year: 2019 
ISBN: 1880185075 
ISBN 13: 9781880185070 
Call No: General MC PIR 1:1